Photo of retiree couple on the deck of their home at The Highlands Retirement Community

“There is such richness here. We haven’t even begin to mine it.”
~ Arlene and Nick N.

“At this stage of our life, The Highlands is the place to be — good living, nice people, great staff.”
~ Archie and Barbara P.

“I love living in the Maine Lodge. It is the hub of The Highlands — most of the programs and special events are held here, something is always gone, and someone is always around to have a cup of coffee and catch up.” ~ Jane M.

“It felt comfortable right from the beginning.”
~ Jim M. and Pommy H.

“I have been enriched and nourished by the many wonderful individuals I come in contact with every day. It’s the people of The Highlands and the experiences and the talents they share that make this community so special.”
~ Marilyn C.

“We didn’t have much trouble moving from the bigger house into this one. The grandfather clock is in the hall and the highboy is in the living room; we wouldn’t have parted with either one of those pieces.”
~ Ruth and Jim H.

“I wanted to live near my children but didn’t want to live with them, so I decided the Maine Lodge at The Highlands was the best place I could be. I belong to a lot of different groups here — it’s always a good way to meet people.”
~ Gerry F.

Our neighborhood meets on a regular basis so I got to know my neighbors quickly. Then I got involved. I volunteered for committees, I went to lectures, and I even started walking regularly on this beautiful campus. And everywhere I met people like myself. I was impressed by the friendliness of the residents. A smile and a ‘hello’ can go far here.”
~Alice D.

“I was looking for community, and we found it here at Town Hall Village.”
~ Lynn L. and Bill E.

“We treasure our new friends — retired ministers, academics, business types, gardeners, and even a few native Mainers. We wake up every morning grateful to live in a caring community of disparate friends neighbors.”
~ Bob and Ann W.

“There’s never a dull moment here, unless it’s your choice. I’m happy to be able to continue my gardening hobby here with a comfortable raised bed.” ~ Dave C.

Three independent living residents talking in a custom home at The Highlands
Senior woman smiling
Senior woman having a conversation
Senior man smiling
Senior man on a fitness machine
Senior woman doing water aerobics
Retiree with lap dog
Senior couple in living room with dog
Senior woman gardening