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Lifelong Learning at The Highlands

The Highlands is the ideal setting for pursuing lifelong learning – from educational lectures and Senior College to the local arts and culture that makes our community an enriching place to live. Experience the reasons so many retirees choose to call Midcoast Maine home, with the traditional New England charm of a seacoast community and the artistic and cultural opportunities provided by artists and craftspeople, galleries, antique dealers, studios, festivals, theatre, music, museums, history, and heritage.

Campus Programming for an Enriching Lifestyle

Residents of The Highlands don’t have to go far to find intellectually stimulating programming. We provide opportunities for lifelong learning right here on our campus, with luncheons, lectures, concerts, and Senior College programs to attend with like-minded neighbors.

Maine State Music Theatre

Maine State Music Theatre offers true summer stock of the highest caliber, with performers who already have Broadway productions on their resumes. Performed in Pickard Theater on the campus of Bowdoin College, many of the shows are sold out, with tickets always a sought-after prize. Many of our residents have been season ticket holders for years, and they never have to worry about parking, because they know they will be riding over with their friends in The Highlands’ van. We all know summer is officially here in Midcoast Maine when the overture plays for Maine State Music Theatre’s first production of the season.

Midcoast Symphony Orchestra

The Midcoast Symphony Orchestra is an ensemble of 70 musicians, including all the instruments of the modern symphony orchestra. The Midcoast Symphony proudly performs a wide range of music from the classical to the modern periods, right here in Topsham!

Portland Symphony Orchestra

The Portland Symphony Orchestra is widely regarded as one of the top symphony orchestras of its size in the country. The Portland Symphony Orchestra performs just 30 minutes from The Highlands.

Bowdoin College Museum of Art

Visit Bowdoin College Museum of Art and enjoy interactive educational tours. The museum aims to provide an environment that stimulates curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking through the interdisciplinary study of works of art and culture.

Maine Maritime Museum

Located on the banks of the Kennebec River in charming Bath, the City of Ships, Maine’s Maritime Museum allows visitors to experience Maine’s rich seafaring history and maritime culture.

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Seniors in the library of The Highlands Retirement Community
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Seniors reading and using tablets in a library