Senior couple sitting on lawn chairs holding a lap dog

Living Styles at The Highlands

At The Highlands, there is truly something for everyone, with custom homes and historic settings, a choice of cooperative home ownership or monthly rental, and in-home care available to maximize independence.

No matter where you live in The Highlands, carefree living provides a common theme. Residents discover an inspiring lifestyle enhanced by new opportunities and supported by everything from home maintenance to housekeeping, lifestyle pursuits to restaurant style dining. At The Highlands, our 24-hour Resident Services team makes a difference no matter the time of day.

“We have good energy on the board from people who want to do things. We feel empowered, working with management. There is such richness here. We haven’t even begun to mine it.” ~ Arlene and Nick N.

Rental Housing Options at The Highlands

Cooperative Home Ownership at The Highlands

Cooperative home ownership offers the financial benefits and advantages of home ownership without the day-to-day responsibility for maintenance and upkeep. Cooperative homeowners own a share of stock in the cooperative and have a voice in the direction of the community. Each cooperative neighborhood has a board of directors made up primarily of residents with similar goals. Homeowners pay a monthly contribution for shared expenses such as property taxes, management, insurance, utilities, and reserved funds.

Exterior view of The Highlands Retirement Community main entrance
Exterior view of a home at the Highlands Retirement Community
Exterior view of a cooperative home at The Highlands Retirement Community
Exterior view of the entrance of the Benjamin Porter House at the Highlands Retirement Community
Exterior view of a cooperative house at The Highlands Retirement Community